Program Pricing

<aside> ℹ️ Daily program fees are charged for all weekdays in the month according to the enrollment schedule, including holidays, PD days, and other closures. Fees apply regardless of attendance or school closures. Exceptions: Christmas Camp, Christmas Break, and Spring Break Camp

Program Schedule / Rate Tuition Fee Notes
After School Full Time Standard Rate $17.40 / child / day
After School Full Time Family Rate $15.65 / child / day 10% discount! 2 or more full-time children.
After School Part Time & One-off Days $18.40 / child / day Part-time schedules are limited and must be consistent each week.
Before School Standard Rate $5.00 / child / day
Before School After School Client Rate $2.50 / child / day 50% discount!
Full Day Camps Standard Rate $38.00 / child / day PD, Storm, and Early Closure Day Camps. Before and After School fees for these days are credited towards this rate (these fees are not creditable to any other days). e.g. a full-time before & after school client would pay:
$38.00-($17.40 + $2.50) = $18.10
Special Camps Standard Rate $38.00 / child / day Christmas, Spring Break, and Summer Camps. Full-week registrations only
Extra Fee Summer Camp Sunscreen Fee $2.25 / child / week
Extra Fee Summer Camp T-Shirt Fee ~$10-15 / t-shirt Yours to keep! Based on market rate.
Extra Fee Late Pickup Fee $1.00 / child / minute Pickup time is no later than the program closing time, unless otherwise notified (see Untitled ( for details)

<aside> 💡 Non-Refundable Registration Deposit: $50 / child / program (more details).


<aside> 💡 We reserve the right to change our prices without further notice.


<aside> <img src="/icons/warning_yellow.svg" alt="/icons/warning_yellow.svg" width="40px" /> Fees will not be reimbursed for any absences.


Billing Calendar

The calendar below shows all of the billable before & after-school days, highlighted in yellow, for the 2023-2024 school year. These billable days include all enrolled weekdays from the first school day in September to the last school day in June, excluding Christmas break and Spring break.

Daily Rates Calendar - Billable Days - 2023-2024.jpeg

2022-2023 Pricing